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The eyes are amazing. It's nice overall. Folk have already mentioned the leg and its missing joint; it's odd and I'm surprised if you didn't notice it before you did the detailing, unless there's intention or something I'm missing. Some areas (like his left hand) seem a little undershaded or flatter than most of it but it's not terribly noticable. The transition of fur on his right leg from long to short/none seems a bit chaotic and... odd. Hard to say how. It's almost like it morphs into wood before into the main lower leg texture. Also it seems that one hoof is cloven and the other is not. The reed's positioning seems a bit odd angled as well, as if it's too parallel to the viewer and not naturally held, especially around the area around the thumb. The feathers (? the stripey bits in his hair) also seem to be too flat compared to the rest of the picture, almost as though it's unfinished. The cloth around the left nymph's right breast seems to be skin tight unlike the rest of the cloth that sems to lay, but it might be wet anyway so it's potentially neither here nor there. The nymph on the right seems to be uncomfortably posed and I'm not sure what she's laying on, aside from the other nymph's arm. The satyr's right arm seems a little off too, like it's too small around the elbow or the depth is... odd. Hard to say. It might be of how it tapers below the bicep. Perhaps if the bottom of the bulge were a bit lower it'd look better. Not that any of it looks bad anyhow, just could use improvement. The big or only complaint I have really is the missing piece of the leg.

Much of the detailing is quite nice. I like the warmth of the satyr and the warm colors behind him and the melding around his figure down to the feeling of coolness (with the colors and water) of the nymphs. The work between dark and light is nice, making everything interesting and yet not too busy. Everything has a bit of life in it, though of course mostly the three main figures in the piece. Deargod, I LOVE the satyr's horns and really just everything overall. The shape, the saturation, the warmth, the long hair, the details. The lighting is very mood setting. Very relaxed. The expressions are both neutral and a bit thought provoking. With the two nymphs looking similar, you think they could be sisters or related perhaps (which may sound silly I suppose) but at the same time they look different at least in hairstyle and positioning... The hair frames the face differently and gives them each potentially different personalities and making them very individualistic. The left, to me, seems more saucy and fiery, whereas the right seems more innocent and sweet and calm; maiden-like. I rather like their scales, as well. The satyr is beautiful, though I do wonder how he'd look if he were slightly tanner. Being outdoorsy I would imagine he'd get a bit more sun. I really like the posing. I always see people doing satyrs or digigrade creatures just simply... standing. No movement or expression with the legs or posing really. It's all very static. This here has some life into it, making it more believable that something like this could exist.
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